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Hosted Infrastructure

What is Hosted Infrastructure?

Hosted infrastructure refers to space on a dedicated server provided by Cornerstone IT and managed in our facilities by our highly technical staff. Hosted infrastructure provides organizations with the technology needed to run a business – without the burden of managing it themselves.

Benefits of Hosted Infrastructure:

Decreased Infrastructure Cost
Your organization will no longer face the difficulty of monitoring networking equipment, the initial upfront investment of purchasing a server, replacing out-of-date components, and ensuring uptime.

Hosted infrastructure ensures up-to-date servers and network technology with the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of storage needed on-demand.

Business Continuity
A backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan is a necessity for any business in today’s global economy. Businesses with multiple locations may struggle with different BDR plans, which in the event of disaster, could slow down the critical time it takes to recover and get back up and running. A hosted infrastructure, managed by our staff, ensures consistency across business unit locations and a potential decrease in data loss.

Data Security
Customer data security is a concern for any business – Cornerstone IT ensures same day updates to critical issues like antivirus’ and firewalls.

Hosted Infrastructure Encompasses:

Data warehousing
Email servers
Managed software updates and patches
Monitoring of firewalls
Monitoring of hosted environment
Network equipment
Off-site backup
Physical security of the server
Web hosting