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How to Create a Remote Work Plan

The safety of a business’s employees is a number one priority for any responsible business owner. The solution to this in the face of an outbreak like COVID-19 (corona-virus) is to have a work from home plan in place. Cornerstone IT is prepared to provide service remotely if the office becomes an unsafe environment for our employees through the use of Microsoft’s cloud services. This includes Azure cloud server hosting, Microsoft 365, and Teams for collaboration.

Having cloud services in place is economical as well essential for Cornerstone IT’s continued service during any type of disaster. We are able to scale our cloud services at any time to assist with additional load from increased remote usage. Once operations go back to normal, we are able to reverse these changes and scale back the services at a moment’s notice. Our strategic partner, Microsoft, has multiple geographic locations for their engineers and if needed they are prepared to continue service if they suffer from the effects of an outbreak themselves.

Microsoft 365 allows our employees to access their files from home through their OneDrive cloud storage. They will also have access to all the productivity software they will need like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Teams allows our employees to collaborate from anywhere through text, voice or video chat, and the quick sharing of files. With all of these systems in place, we are able to continue providing our services, regardless of the physical location of our employees.

If there are any questions regarding our Business Continuity plan, or your own Cloud Services or Business Continuity Plan, please contact: