Decrease your businesses’ infrastructure cost while increasing its scalability with a private cloud.

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting refers to a virtual server that is provided and managed by Cornerstone IT. Private cloud hosting provides organizations with the technology needed to run a business without the burden of managing it themselves.

Service on a private cloud is not shared with any other organization – the virtual machine belongs entirely to your business – ensuring increased data security.

Five Reasons Your Organization Should Move to the Cloud infographic.

Benefits of Private Cloud:

Decreased Infrastructure Cost

Your organization will no longer be faced the difficulty of monitoring networking equipment, replacing out-of-date components, and ensuring uptime. Since a private cloud is a virtual environment, there is a significant cost savings by eliminating the purchase of a tangible server.

Work from Anywhere

Private cloud allows for increased collaboration; team members can access and edit documents together in real time from anywhere.


Private cloud ensures up-to-date servers and network technology with the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of storage needed on-demand. As your business grows so will your technology requirement. Private cloud increases your ability to relatively quickly spin up a new server, more disk space, more RAM, more bandwidth or more rack space. You will eliminate the guess work associated with determining how much space on a server your business might utilize.

Data Security

Customer data security is a concern for any business. While firewalls and anti-virus software help protect networks from a data breaches and loss of customer information, there are limitations associated with protecting the data on a stolen laptop or mobile device. With private cloud hosting, protecting valuable customer information on a stolen device becomes possible – data can be wiped clean no matter what happens to the device.

Cornerstone IT ensures same day updates to critical issues like antivirus’ and firewalls.

Business Continuity

A backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan is a necessity for any business in today’s global economy. Businesses with multiple locations may struggle with different BDR plans, which in the event of disaster, could slow down the critical time it takes to recover and get back up and running. A private cloud, managed by our staff, ensures consistency across business unit locations and potential decrease in data loss. A virtualized environment allows for an even quicker recovery time.