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What is a MSSP?

Lee Stringer-Cornerstone IT Security Expert

As technology and computer networks have evolved into the internet of things, the focus on exponential growth in technology has given birth to an internet of very insecure things. This new internet has brought with it an unprecedented growth in a new form of criminal activity, cyber-crime. Cyber criminals have grown even more sophisticated with time and access to new forms of technology and malicious software, preying upon businesses with weak security structures with powerful weapons, namely ransomware.

Most susceptible to these threats are small businesses, “low hanging fruit” as criminal hackers or black hats call them. These organizations are called such because they are east to reach, easy to take and easy to get away with exploiting. This is due to the incredible expense requited to implement state-of-the-art security appliances and to properly train staff in the methods and tools necessary to combat cyber criminals. Consequently, small businesses are all but helpless because of this incredible expense and lack of alternatives. Thankfully, there is a single source of enhanced security that small businesses can depend on that come from reliable, trustworthy sources. These are known as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).