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Cornerstone IT Donates Its Time to the Lake County Free Clinic

Cornerstone IT recently donated its time to help the Lake County Free Clinic (LCFC) stay connected for in-office and telehealth visits.

Previously, the clinic was working with three separate vendors to support its IT, which left their email and network resources disconnected. “Our goal was to create a much more efficient process for caring for patients and managing data,” says Ray Paganini, President of Cornerstone IT.

Because of its cloud capabilities, device management, and advanced security, Cornerstone IT began streamlining LCFC’s IT by migrating their email to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 email is a cloud productivity solution that allows users to work from anywhere on any device. It incorporates advanced security with task management features. Next, Cornerstone improved LCFC’s security and administration of network resources, which ensured that any sensitive data is protected, and the network is utilized to its fullest potential.

“Cornerstone IT has not only enhanced our IT system, but it has allowed Lake County Free Clinic to operate with much greater efficiency and effectiveness. Coupled with the upgrading of our computer hardware, their support has allowed LCFC to adopt telehealth practices that complement our in-office visits and increase our service capacity. Finally, the ability to work with a single, local vendor who can assist with any of our computer, telephone or network systems has eliminated the confusion and strengthened our operations,” says Marty Hiller, Executive Director of the Lake County Free Clinic.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to help out an organization that serves so many in our community,” notes Paganini.